COSTI Family - History & Genealogy

The name COSTI - sometimes spelled by members of the family, because of its Godo roots or Spanish pronunciation, as Coshti - has its origins in the small village of Cos (Costi means "from Cos") in the Spanish province of Santander. Early on and regularly, members of the family used to serve in the King's army, or brought their own armed men to the King's service. It is a matter of historic proof that a good portion of Jews were dedicated to military careers. Some examples are:

* Onofre de Costi took part in the battle, known as “Batalla de las Navas de Tolosa”, against the Moors.

* Jacques Costi Barnuevo served under King Ramiro I in the battle of Clavijo, also against the Moors.

* Lucio Costi Mendar was “Halconero Mayor” of King Fernando II of Castille.

* Alfredo Costi was “Guarda Sellos” (guardian of the seal) of Alfonso V.

* Nuno Costi fought under and for King Pedro I of Aragon.

* Gozalvo Costi Beras served King Jaime I of Aragon, and received land concessions with the right to pass them on to his heirs.

* Gerardo Costi Menjibar was loyal to King Pedro I of Castille, fighting against the King’s brother – Don Enrique.

* It is not known if Saturio Costi, who fought in the battle of the liberation of Grenada against Boabdil, in 1492, in the service of the “Reyes Catolicos”, was still a Jew, a Marranoor a sincere “converse”.

* Other members of the family were scholars, farmers, merchants or artisans – like the majority of the Jewish inhabitants of Spain, however, unfortunately, they cannot be traced by name.

- There are strong indications that the family was established, for a long time, in Cordoba, Andalusia.

- According to the legend, our branch of the family left Spain at the time of the Expulsion, moving first to Bordeaux, France and later to Italy. It is said that they were maritime merchants, leasing ships to import and export merchandise. Like many Sephardim they also established in Turkey.

- Before the turn of the 19th century a few Costi brothers immigrated to Cairo, Egypt. The brothers married and raised families in Cairo but an uncle left for Sudan, where in the middle of nowhere, he established a trading post which became the town of Costi (or Kosti - depending on the spelling used to translate from Arabic) which can be located on any map of Sudan. He married a black Sudanese woman, who apparently converted to Judaism as his two sons are black Jews.

- The descendants of the Costi brothers from Cairo have emigrated from Egypt to Israel, France, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, England, Alaska and various other cities in the US.

The Spanish description of the Costi Coat of Arms is as follows:

Partido en Palo Verticalmente:

- Primera de Sinoples con dos Torres y Castillo en medio de ambas, de color natural. Ante el Castillo arbol de Sinoples y atado a su tronco, con Cadenade Plata, Leon de color natural Andante, ante el que pasa un rio que parte el Terrasado de Sinople con ondas de Azul y Plata.

- Segunda de Gules, con cinco Lises de Oro en sotuer, y en Sable, el lema "Pon la vida por la Honra y la Honra por el Alma".

designed and drawn by Ronny Costi

The sun diagram shows 596 direct descendants of Joseph & Esther Costi (a full list follows).

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Generation / Name 1. Joseph Costi + Esther1.1. Moise (Moche) Costi + Sultana1.1.1. Isaac Costi + Emilia Piperno1.1.1.1. Maurice Costi + Anna Meschemberg1. Robert Costi + Marie Helene Richeux1. Vincent Maurice Costi + Nathalie Lintanf1. Axel Gino Clarence Costi1. Mathias Corentino Teofile Costi1. Lois Jean Maurice Roberto Costi1. Alessandra Anne Costi + Raoul Hernandez1. Victoria Annie Esperanza Hernandez1. Lauranna Helene Hernandez1. + Josianne El-Korm1. Lea Odelia Michele Costi1. Colette Costi + Robert Diard1. Herve Diard + Frederique Pauwels1. Simon Diard1. Pauline Diard1. Alain Diard1. Jacqueline Costi + Nazareno Valentini1. Manuela Valentini + Gianluca Noviello1. Flavia Noviello1. Giulia Noviello1. Maura Valentini1. Marcelle Costi + Vittorio Calo1. Prospero Daniele Calo1. Maurice David Calo Fredric Costi + Victoria Brakha1. Denise Costi + Ralph Bigio1. Josette Bigio + David Silverhart1. Sandra Silverhart1. Ashley Clark1. Brittany Clark1. Randy Silverhart1. Hope Silverhardt1. Joe Bigio + Camille Gallo1. Diana Bigio + Nicholas Anthony Oriolo1. Catalina Grey Oriolo1. Sloane Oriolo1. Jaclyn Bigio1. Robert Bigio1. Glen Bigio + Alice1. Jacqueline Costi + Marvin Greenberg1. Steven Greenberg + Elizabeth Marsh1. Alexander Greenberg1. Andrew Greenberg Nicole Costi + Maurice Demeyer1. Monique DeMeyer + Michael Saka1. Samuel Saka1. Julien Saka1. Aiden Saka1. Eric DeMeyer + Daniel Strauss1. Greyson DeMeyer-Strauss1. Hudson DeMeyer-Strauss1.1.1.3. Max Costi + Rene Brakha1. Jack Costi + Janice Volfe1. Jacqueline Costi1. Jason Costi1.1.2. Vita Costi + Esther Cohen1.1.2.1. Regina (Geria) Costi + Maurice Bianco Allen (Shlomo) Bianco + Sarah Sadlanbaum1. Nathan Bianco1. Daniel Bianco + Esther (Ety) Kayam1. Ariella Batia Bianco1. Jonathan Bianco1. Gabriel Bianco1. Eyal Bianco1. + Deborah Kaufman1. Michael Bianco + Stacey Brooks1. Benjamin Solomon Bianco1. Victor Haim Bianco + Rivka (Becky) Nahon1. Ophir Bianco + Leila Ockun Lior Bianco1. Hila Bianco1. Yair Bianco1. Alon Bianco + Havazelet Peled Nufar Bianco Rotem Bianco1. + Tova Baron1. Revital Segal1. Yuval Segal1. Youval Bianco + Dana Kutigaru Mai Bianco1. Arad Bianco1. Aviv-Rivka Bianco1.1.2.2. Samuel Costi + Rosy Shoushan1. Rina Costi + Robert Rogers1. Debby Rogers + Shaun Orchard1. Joshua Orchard1. Kyla Rose Orchard1. Daniel Rogers1. Vicky Costi + Nereda1. Simone Costi1. Nathan Costi + Louise1. Leni Costi1. Vinnie Costi1.1.2.3. Mary Costi + Victor Cabelli1. Andre Cabelli + Irene Kaiserman1. Paul Cabelli + Gabriella Stach1. Joel Cabelli1. Ella Cabelli Aaron Costi + Hilda1. Eric Costi + Lina Dramont1. Benjamin Costi1. Nathan Costi1. Elyse Costi1. Jennifer Costi + Peter Fauler1. William Fauler + Lizzie Jenkins1. Henry Fauler1. Suzane Fauler1. Alexandra Fauler1. Richard Costi + Helen Dean1. Georgina Costi1. Francis Costi1.1.2.5. Moise Costi + Berthie Achkenazi1. Jack Costi + Lei Smith1. Tali Costi + Chad Jackoby1. Elijah Jackoby1. Levi Jackoby1. Ari Costi1. Zev Costi + Alexandra1. Osca Costi1. Coby Costi1. Vick Costi1.1.2.6. Bension Costi + Ninette Hanan1. Vicky Costi + Hanna Kleiner Tal Costi + Ran Mendelson1. Mai Mendelson1. Noam Mendelson1. Guy Costi + Nora Gluskinos1. Nadav Costi1. Ron Costi1. Tomer Costi1. + Ilana Bar1. Jacky Costi + Sara Axelrad1. Ronny Costi + Or Izhaki1. Ely Costi1. Ethan Costi1. Yael Costi1. Amalia Costi1. Anat Costi1. Tamar Costi + Dan Vaknin Na'ama Vaknin1. Ido Vaknin1.1.2.7. Lina Costi + Maurice Abemayor1. Vivian Abemayor + Dan Brown1. Nicole Brown Cammie1. William1. Eliot Abemayor + Nina1. Alessandra Abemayor1.1.2.8. Eli Costi1.1.3. Behor (Joseph) Costi + Flore Cohenca1.1.3.1. Maurice Costi + Mary Benezra1. Flora Costi + Gabriel Messeri1. Aharon Messeri + Pirhiya Laham1. Shimon Messeri1. Eran Messeri1. Noa Messeri1. Moche Messeri + Nava Chilich1. Keren Messeri1. Gaby Messeri1. Omri Messeri1. Fortunee (Touna) Costi + Nisso Palombo1. Danielle Palombo + Avi Loya1. Hilla Loya1. Ifat Loya1. Dina Palombo + Uri Natanel1. Shay Natanel1. Joseph Costi + Gisele Metta1. Ariel Costi + Jack Weizel1. Sammy Weizel1. Paula Weizel + Moises Jafif1. Carlos Jafif1. Jack Jafif1. Gabriel Jafif1. Rafael Jafif1. Joseph Weizel + Florencia Jabaz Said1. Ariela Weizel1. Karen Costi + Moise Nizri1. Yshayahou Nizri1. Joseph Nizri1. Gisele Nizri1. Mylene Costi + Samy Moadeb1. Raphael Moadeb1. Ybone Moadeb1. Joe Moadeb1. Katia Costi + Jose Kalach1. Rafael Kalach1. Mauricio Kalach1. Ivonne Kalach1. Gisele Kalach1. Gaby Costi + Isidoro Zappan1. Adolfo Zappan1. Regine Zappan1. Joe Zappan1. Daniel Zappan1.1.3.2. Adolphe Costi + Helen Levy1. Fleuretta Laura Costi + Simon Mattatia1. Vivy Mattatia + Aharon Baumwell1. Merav Baumwell1. Moran Baumwell1. Lytal Baumwell1. Nava Mattatia + Ezra Weinberger1. Maya Weinberger1. Royi Weinberger1. Re'out Weinberger1. Lily Costi + Owen Green1. Steven Green1. Alison Green1.1.3.3. 1.3.3 Regine Costi + Albert Palombo1. Nisso Palombo + Fortunee (Touna) Costi1. Danielle Palombo + Avi Loya1. Hilla Loya1. Ifat Loya1. Dina Palombo +Uri Natanel1. Shay Natanel1. Joseph Palombo + Key Cooper1. Karen Palombo1.1.3.4. Solomon Costi +Renee Politi1. Joseph Costi + Angel Chonchol1. Shlomo "Solly" Costi + Sonja Zimmermann1. Sharon Costi + Eduard Ruijs1. Sofia Ruijs1. Sebastian Ruijs1. Gustavo Joe Ruijs1. Samantha Costi + Noam Landman1. Liad Landman1. On Landman1. Liv Landman1. + Tamara Jimenez1. Joseph Alexander Costi + Adriana Jaroslavsky1. David Costi + Monica1. Sara Costi1. Gabriel Costi1. Filippo Costi + Carmen1. Talia Costi1. Elvira Costi + Joseph Dentes1. Ellis Dentes + Jasmine Gotche1. Michael Dentes1. Marion Dentes1. Renata Dentes + Jacobo Benzaquen1. Victoria Benzaquen1. Moises Benzaquen1. Joseph Benzaquen1. Shirel Benzaquen1. Dalia Dentes + Johnny Davedescu1. Nicole Davedescu1. Ilan Davedescu1.1.4. Avrahm Costi + Sarina Gani1.1.4.1. Maurice Costi + Rebecca1. Elie Costi + Rosie1. Albert Costi + Marylene1. Sandrine Costi + Arnaud Tiercelin1. Ambre Tiercelin1.1.4.2. Elie Costi + Rebecca Hazan1. Albert Costi + Armelle Usunier1. David Costi + Stefania Sandri1. Estelle Costi1. + Barbara Bolognini1. Isabelle Costi Philippe Costi Sullivan Costi + Silvia Ancillotti1. Lynn Costi1. Victoria Costi1. France-Line Costi1. Joseph Costi + Monique Guillaume1. Sarah Costi1.1.4.3. Claire Costi + Elie Sasson1. Rachel Sasson +Aaron Goldstein1. Dorit Goldstein1. Uri Goldstein + Perhiya Dolev1. Inbar Goldstein1. Orna Goldstein + Israel Assouline1. Hilla Assouline1. Roi Assouline1. Tali Goldstein1. Megi Goldstein1. Rina Sasson + Aruguette Nissim1. Anat Nissim1. Elie Nissim1. Gabrielle Nissim1. Benjamin Nissim1. Rephael Nissim1. Meir Israel Nissim1. Sophie Sasson + Moshe Assayag1. Eldad Assayag1. Ophir Assayag1.1.4.4. Salvator Costi + Mary Barouch1. Albert Costi + Annick Salomon1. Arnaud Costi + Lydia1. Benjamin Costi1. Gisele Costi + Mayer Kabbani1. David Kabbani + Khantaly1. Edane Kabbani1. Gilles Kabbani1.1.4.5. David Costi + Annie1. Brenda Costi + Lovat1.1.4.6. Suzanne Costi + Leon Hatouel1. Claudine Hatouel + Jean Ben Izri1. Valerie Ben Izri + Didier1. Jonathan1. Frederic BenIzri1. Kevin BenIzri1. Jacqueline Hatouel + Albert Cohen1. Arianne Cohen + Michael Kandel1. Tzouriel Kandel1. Betsalel Kandel1. Agnes Cohen + Marc Jalfon1. Joelle Jalfon1. David Cohen + Camille1. Liam Cohen1. Nirel Cohen1. Albert Hatouel + Rebecca Abravanel1. Sarah Hatouel1. Michael Hatouel1. David Hatouel1. Sabrina Hatouel1. Johanna Hatouel1.1.5. Ester Costi + Moreno Costi Victor Costi + Bruna Perugia Enrico Costi + Maria Grazia Valle1. Mauro Costi + Manuela Navacci1. Chiara Costi1. Eliana Costi1. Renato Costi + Rita Valle Fabio Costi1. Daniele Costi1. + Loredana Medico Renata Costi1. Silvia Costi1. Bruno Costi- + Anne Bacigalupo1. Andrea Costi1. Fabiana Costi1.1.5.2. Nina Costi + Marco Osmo Soly Salomon Osmo + Francoise Boujaseh1. Marc Osmo1. Anne Osmo + Daniel Jousseaume1. Thomas Jousseaume Yann Jousseaume Remi Jousseaume Cecil Osmo + Emeric Preaubert1. Salome Preaubert1. Albane Preaubert1. Antoine Preaubert1. Solene Preaubert1.1.5.3. Marco Costi + Maria Gregoric Carlo Costi + Maria (Mariella) Lupo1. Muriel Costi1. Nicole Costi1. Miriam Costi1. Enrico Costi + Frederica Hofmann1. Fabrizio Costi + Elena Brandolini1. Francesca Costi1. Elisa Costi1. Frederico Costi1. Maurizio Costi + Wuan Rueangchai1. Kevin Costi1.1.5.4. Renata Costi + Victor Naar1. Sylvain Naar + Irene1. Sylvie Naar + Scott King1. Leah Renee King1. Alex King1. Victor Naar + MaryAnne1. Joshua Naar1. Juliette Elise Naar1. David Naar + Wendy Frias1. Gabriella Naar1. Stephany Naar1.1.5.4. + Haim Victor Galante Dario Galante + Orly Meshulam1. Luciana Galante + Uri Ben Aharon1. Daniel Ben Aharon + Rotem Ben David1. Roni Renata Ben Aharon1. Or Shlomo Ben Aharon1. Morel Ben Aharon + Roy Fliker1. Omer Luciana Fliker1. Dorel Ben Aharon1.1.5.5. Moise Costi1.1.6. Meir Costi + Reina1.1.6.1. Maurice Meir Costi + Judith Kitanic1. Avram Costi + Varda1. Moche Costi1. Shahar Costi1. Gabi Costi- + Raym Steinberg1. Sharon Costi + Ilan Carmi1. Nimrod Carmi1. Nitzan Carmi1. Hadas Costi + Natan Zeidenstat1. Itamar Zeidenstat1. Guy Zeidenstat1. Yotam Zeidenstat1. Meir Rico Costi + Rahel Abutboul1. Orna Ben Meir + Izi Gadel1. Oren Gadel + Sharona Gabby1. Tomer Gadel1. Ayelet Ben Meir1. Iris Ben Meir + Nir Raz1. Asaf Ben Meir Costi1. + Yuval Dori1. Shai Dori Ben Meir1. Omri Moshe Ben Meir Costi + Kabita Rai1. Rachel Ben Meir Costi 1.1.7. Leon Costi + Caroline Cohen1.1.7.1. Salvatore Salvo Costi + Pantera + Annabella1.1.7.2. Maurice Costi + Gladys Levy1.1.7.3. Sultana Leone Costi + Raymond Setton1. Michelle Hester Setton1. Paul Setton + Ursula1. Jade Bianca Setton1. Logan Setton1. Lehela Amber Gutteridge1. Nicole Setton1. Candice Michele Setton1. Dylan Setton1. Grant Setton1. Jason Setton